Sunday, September 19, 2010

It is finished.

So I had an Architecture project due tomorrow and I had to have it printed by 8 tonight. The project was more just a warm up exercise to get the class thinking about the elements of design. What we had to do was make a poster for an lecture series about some topic in architecture. Mine was about Nature in Design, particularly focusing on the golden rectangle.  It had architects like Le Corbuiser and Richard Meier, but obviously it could never happen. Le Corbuiser is dead and Richard Meier is knocking on the door lol. 

There are some issues I have with this poster, mostly how it came out at full size. First is that on the full size version the I lost the bottom line and well it was not important but it did take away a sense of enclosure. Its kind of boring to me, but that might because I have been staring at it for too long. Feel free to critique it all you want. My teachers are certainly going to go to town on it tomorrow.  It was fun to learn how to learn photoshop.

The rest of my day has been very fun. I went to the mall with my two best freinds and tried to help one pick out dress cloths for a career fair she has. *points at Mira* I kind of failed, but I hope I helped some what.  Most importantly though I drove. While this does not sound very important, I absolutely hate driving. It did not turn out that bad and I feel slightly better about my ability to not die.

I got a new CD at F.Y.E.. I don't remember what the name of the CD but its by Nightwish and it has there greatest hits on it. I got it because it had Nemo on it and I love that song. I also tried on some new jeans since I have lost of  weight. I am happy to say that I wear between a size 7 and 9 all depending on the store. I did not buy any because I realized that skinny jeans were kind of pointless if all my shirts are a size to big.

This post is a little rushed because I am waiting to go to Wal-mart and I don't know how much longer I got. I am hoping to pick up some smaller shirts there tonight. I might also go look at some fabric and a patterns because I need to make a new Ren-Fair costume. I have a friend that can sew and she offered to help me make some cloths. Yay her. I am freinds with her husband too, but he taunted me today about getting a bunny hat at a Anime convention. I might steal it.  Ah so that's been my day.


  1. Bunny!

    1) Hi! Blog is still awesomeyay!

    2) go to LaTech? I'm an alumni--the internets is a very small place :)

    3) Yaaay Faire garb! I have more corsets than any one person will ever need (only 4, but seriously.) Trying the La. Ren Fest this year!

    4) I think that's all

  2. I think I agree with Artful Disarray on most of that, though I am not LaTech alumni, my wanderings have left me in LA for the time being.